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Guitar Programmes and Fees – Weekly Guitar Lessons

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We have selected the most qualified and experienced guitar instructors to ensure that your education is of the highest standard, and you are welcome to join The Dubai Guitar Institute whether you are an absolute beginner with no prior guitar knowledge or an advanced guitarist.

At The Dubai Guitar Institute, we specialise in teaching in helping you make radical progress in a short period using methodologies that are designed explicitly by master guitarist Stefan Joubert.

You can expect to make progress regularly and to benefit from an exceptional service throughout your guitar journey with us.

In addition to the above, you will be invited to attend and participate in our musical evenings held regularly, as it is a wonderful opportunity for you to connect with other guitarists and enthusiasts!

The Dubai Guitar Institute is the ultimate guitar learning centre for all guitar enthusiasts in the UAE.

Your Guitar Course:

Your guitar course

Payment and course duration

Lessons may be paid monthly or per 3 monthly instalments.

Please note that we require a minimum study period of 3 months, and a calendar month’s notice is necessary whenever you wish to stop your guitar course.

Do I need to own a guitar before starting my guitar course?

You do not need to own a guitar to start your guitar course, as Stefan Joubert and team would be happy to recommend the most suitable instrument for you.


Our Fees:

The monthly amount starts from only 795 AED per month and varies depending upon the length of your lessons.  Lessons may be paid monthly or per 3 months in advance. We require a minimum study period of 3 months, and a calendar month’s notice in case you wish to stop your course.

If you want to opt for group guitar lessons, the fee is just 550 AED per month (4 lessons of 45 minutes per month).

You are most welcome to choose one-to-one or group guitar lessons – the option is yours.

For intermediate and advanced guitar students, one-to-one guitar lessons are generally advised.
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Do I need to practise?

Yes. We would love to say ‘no’ but it is unfortunately impossible to make any progress without practising on a daily basis.

As a beginner, you should plan to dedicate at least 15 to 30 minutes daily to your personal practice, as it is an essential part of guitar playing.

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Do I need any talent to sign up?

You do not need to have any special talent to enrol at The Dubai Guitar Institute and to enjoy playing the guitar immensely.

We believe that everybody can play the guitar, and we never came across a pupil who was unable to do so.

If you wish to play the guitar, do not listen to the negative myths and cliches that are sadly responsible for many people not to start making their dream a reality.

I have awful memories of my guitar lessons when I was young. Will my instructor be harsh with me?

We can assure you that our wonderful guitar instructors are extremely patient and friendly. They will always teach you in a manner that is easy to understand and guide you at your own path.

At The Dubai Guitar Institute, all our guitar lessons take place in a cordial and non-judgmental environment, so you have nothing to fear if you study the guitar with us.

Do I need to know about music before starting my guitar lessons?

No. You do not need to know anything about music or music theory before starting your guitar course at The Dubai Guitar Institute.

We cater for absolute beginners with no prior musical knowledge, and learning music and theory is included in your guitar course.

Also, do not worry about it, as you will soon realise that it is much easier to learn guitar than you probably think!

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