Dubai's leading guitar Academy with master guitarist and instructor Stefan Joubert

Welcome to The Dubai Guitar Institute – The leading guitar Academy dedicated to guitar enthusiasts in Dubai!

Welcome to The Dubai Guitar Institute – the best guitar lessons Dubai has to offer!

Are you ready for the highest quality guitar education in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates with master guitarist Stefan Joubert?

Stefan Joubert is the founder of The London Guitar Institute, The London Piano Institute and The London Singing Institute and recognised worldwide as a master guitar educator specialising in adult guitar education.

Would you like to improve your guitar playing drastically and finally break through to become the guitarist that you have always wanted to be?

At The Dubai Guitar Institute, you will benefit from the highest quality guitar lessons for adults in the United Arab Emirates.

Stefan Joubert cordially invites adults from all walks of life including lawyers, doctors, bankers, engineers, pilots, traders, investors, writers, film producers, accountants, brokers, dentists, artists, architects, surgeons and all other professions to learn how to play the guitar in a prestigious setting.

You do not need any prior musical experience, and you can join as an absolute beginner.

If you are an intermediate or advanced guitarist, you can look forward to receiving world-class bespoke guitar instruction from master guitarist Stefan Joubert.

He will help you reach that level that you have always dreamed of achieving!

Lessons take place in downtown Dubai in an extremely prestigious environment dedicated to you as a passionate guitarist.

With The Dubai Guitar Institute, you will also learn to play the style that you love.

You can learn classical, jazz, blues, rock and metal guitar with a virtuoso guitar instructor.

Stefan Joubert can help you with the acoustic, electric, jazz and classical guitar.

Man learning guitar in Dubai

If you are a beginner and you have never played before, we have a special message for you.

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Stefan Joubert

Master guitar instructor Stefan Joubert – learn guitar with Stefan Joubert in Downtown Dubai in a formidable environment

Improve Your Guitar Playing With Excellent Guitar Instructors

We genuinely care about your progress!


Perfect for All Levels - Get Started Today!

At The Dubai Guitar Institute, we specialise in teaching all guitar enthusiasts, from absolute beginners to advanced amateur pianists. Whether you wish to learn how to play the guitar, or improve your guitar playing, we will ensure that you benefit from the highest guitar instruction available in Dubai. We believe that you are talented, and that you can definitely achieve all your musical goals!


Lessons in our gorgeous guitar studio in Dubai

Learn how to play the guitar or improve your guitar skills drastically under the guidance of expert guitar instructors in our gorgeous guitar studio, designed for you to learn in a wonderful setting.


Enjoy Periodic Student Concerts and Events

Periodically we organise amazing student concerts (in a prestigious setting) where you can enjoy the company of "like-minded" guitar lovers and stunning guitar music! Concerts take place in a non-judgmental setting.


Develop Your Guitar Playing Quickly!

Thanks to the sensational result-oriented methods used by our master guitar instructors, you can be assured to develop your guitar playing quickly, while building on a solid foundation. All our guitar lessons are both educational and enjoyable, as we wish you to embark on a fantastic guitar journey, and become the proficient pianist that you have always dreamed to be!

Guitar Lessons for Guitar Enthusiasts in Dubai
Article Name
Guitar Lessons for Guitar Enthusiasts in Dubai
Guitar lessons for guitar enthusiasts in Dubai. Beginners, intermediate and advanced guitar learners welcome. Learn classical, rock, jazz and pop styles in a formidable setting designed for you.
The Dubai Guitar Institute